Hope International Ministries, Inc.


It starts with some fun, excitement and laughter. Once you “earn the right” by a little fun and entertainment, then it's time to get serious about God's plan and His gift to us, Jesus His one and only Son.

Sharing God's plan in a fun, exciting and easy to understand way, you can communicate in any language. God's love can be explained in a powerful way. The Cross and what Salvation means can be understood by all ages, when presented using visual aids, music and object lessons with group participation. We are about making evangelism for all ages fun and exciting.

Assisting organizations plan and coordinate events while offering experience, skill and knowledge of all levels of Prison Operations. Applying that same experience, to help organizations plan and coordinate “free” world events and outreach.

Working to bring relief for people incarcerated, in need of education, medical equipment and supplies, water and the “Good News of Jesus” in the US and all over the world is the mission of Joe McDonald Ministry.

Joe and Patti McDonald
E-Mail: Joe@JoeMcDonaldMinistry.org

Joe and Patti McDonald were married in 1971 and have four Daughters, two Sons, eight Granddaughters and six Grandsons. Joe is a native of Mobile and Patti was born in Schenectady, NY. They have lived in Mobile since 1971.

Joe is the founder of Joe McDonald Ministry Inc and travels all over the US and many parts of the world. Patti will join him when they reach their financial support goals.

Joe McDonald Ministry is recognized around the world as a ministry of Evangelism, Encouragement and Education.

Joe and Patti are members of Luke 4:18 Fellowship in Mobile Alabama.

In 2003 Joe was called into full time ministry, left a Real Estate career and established Joe McDonald Ministry Inc *, where Joe is known as a “different kind of missionary.”

Since then he has worked all over the world in hundreds of youth, male and female prisons and brought the message of Hope and the “Good News of Jesus Christ” to those behind the walls. He has witnessed thousands of salvation decisions and seen many lives changed.

He has performed in prisons, orphanages, schools, churches and villages with the message of Salvation, God's Love and Jesus' Redeeming power using “Gospel Magic” presented in a easy to understand and powerful way. When appropriate, Joe also incorporates a unique bullwhip routine that engages the audiences to visualize the consequences of bad decisions.

Partnering with Forgiven Ministry™, Drive-In- Ministries, Rising Star Ministries and many churches, Joe is actively living his calling to bring souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

If your group or club would benefit from a dynamic and entertaining presentation of the “Good News,” you can contact Joe McDonald. Any environment, inside or out can be accommodated. E-mail Joe@JoeMcDonaldMinistry.org .

*All donations are used exclusively for Joe McDonald Ministry projects and expenses.